After spending over the last 5 years in the leisure clubs throughout Nottingham. To get the most out of your workouts you have to train Smart. I have seen many people with goals and inspirations but the main thing is that you have to believe in what you are doing, many people need motivation as they are unsure what to do I am friendly and approachable. As Manager of the department my sole focus is to ensure that all the members enjoy their training in the grand facility and that you all feel supported with your trainings.
I had elite athlete status competing for Great Britain and training round Olympians on a daily basis. I competed in the World cup in C2 canoe Sprint 200m and was successful to become a World Silver medallist
"I believe every individual has something inside them has driven them to want to make a change. We can work together to figure out what it is you want from this journey and get you there as quickly as possible. Whether that’s to make your partner take a double take or to feel more confident in your own skin.

Meet the team

The team keep busy with aUK Strength & Conditioning Suite and Fitness Studio members everyday. Always searching for the best way to help you achieve your fitness goals this team is the finest assembled in Grantham in any gym, and they will prove it.

The aUK is a small team of experts, constantly supporting you with the correct techniques to exercising, caring for and supporting you. Their role at aUK is to help you reach your personal fitness goals. Book an appointment to visit the gym and experience the benefits for yourself with a one-day FREE pass. ONLY £25 per month. No joining fees. Amazing membership benefits. Make a fresh start today.

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